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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Aquarium Update

Our little piece of ocean here in the midwest resides in the basement.  We have a 29 gallon salt water aquarium which has hosted a wide variety of sea creatures.

The current inhabitants are a couple turbo snails, one bumble bee snail, and a pencil urchin

We used to have three of these guys, but they didn't survive the cross country move, and or the long spined urchin that ate itself into an early watery grave.

Pajama Cardinalfish
Pajama Cardinal Fish - borrowed from this cool blog

I guess as of wednesday I should say ONE turbo snail.  The big one was about 5 cm in diameter, but I think it has been dispatched by the urchin.  This is the second urchin we have hosted, and though they are supposed to be tank cleaners and vegetarians, they both eventually decided that the occasional meat dinner.

I eventually want to turn that aquarium into coral setting, so the urchin will have to be turned back into the fish store for credit.

For some other salty creatures I have desired or hosted, please check out my other blog.

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