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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pscylla and Charybdis - A tale of pot holes & erratic driving

I have lived in eight states since I was able to legally get behind the wheel of a car.  My jobs always required me to do a moderate amount of travel by car.  I have not experienced worse roads until I was stationed in the state which boasts it is the home of the motor city.  More affluent cities and townships can and do ensure that the road repairs are fairly prioritized to the worst conditions getting altered first.

Road in need of repair.
This is a mild example

Michigan roads
This one looks more like a really angry sea than an urban road

However, it seems that this practice is not within reach of all municipalities.  Our house is about 3 miles away from the main thoroughfare, I-94.  Drivers (myself included) spend a lot of time dodging the ever changing potholes and sinkholes.  Is this a conspiracy between the state and the repair shops to drum up more business?  I am just kidding.

The Ann Arbor public radio station has a great commentator who always has something pithy and funny to say about the politicians in Lansing.  One proposal about a fix was to increase auto registration fees %20, to decrease the impact on the budget, which had a big surplus this year.
I will let you come to your own conclusion about the fairness of that.

Being a retired USCG person, I am glad to say that the state of the waterways and their markers is much better.  Of course Governor Snyder has nothing to do with the conditions of the lakes and rivers that cover most of Michigan.  The element that creates danger, is the individual boaters and their lack of respect for Mother Nature and education about the Nautical Rules of the Road.  

Navigation Rules International Inland
You can download the manual at this link

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